Verification of Lotus Terminals’ Team Strength

Verification of Lotus Terminals’ Team Strength

Since the Summer, I’ve been pushing my marketing team to make our website amazing.  For people who do not know us, our website is their first introduction to Lotus Terminals.  Everyone scans a business’ website when they want to learn more about them, their services and their team.  A good website gives a business credibility. 

The topic of blogs was brought up as a way to showcase our expertise and to drive more visitor traffic to our site.   These blogs would be full of keywords that could be indexed and would work wonders for our search engine optimization (SEO) and lead to more opportunities for us to potentially win more customers.  Great idea!  What exactly is a blog?

A blog is full of information about topics that have to do with our transportation (or freight management) business.  These blogs are published on our website and when someone searches the internet for a certain word that is in one of our blogs, our website will show up in their search.  This is a very basic summary of what these blogs were going to do for us.  It made sense to me; I told the marketing folk to prepare the blogs for review.

The marketing team drafted a handful of blogs based on their knowledge of the transportation industry.  What they had learned while they were with us and from their own keyword searches online.  I reviewed these blogs and discovered their well use of transportation vocabulary (keywords).  The blogs all made sense and would be great for SEO.  But I realized I had the wrong people writing these blogs.

My marketing folks are brilliant in coming up with ideas for getting our name out to people.  They provide our sales team tools to sell our transportation, warehousing, cross docking, over dimensional strategies, and all other logistics solutions to customers.  But our actual transportation knowledge base is within our own operations and sales teams.  They should be the ones writing these blogs so they can be more than a source of keywords, rather these blogs become informative pieces that others can benefit from.

I strongly believe that Lotus Terminals has the most knowledgeable and energetic team in our industry.  The team gels together and provides solutions for customers and we are passionately committed to customer service.  Blogs are a way for me to prove to everyone that I actually mean what I say about our team, it’s not just a bunch of words to motivate my team.

We called a sales & operations meeting asking individuals write blogs on their area of expertise and passion.  We are trusted sources of information and thought leaders in the industry.  We do it on the phone and emails, so we can write blogs providing information before it is even asked of us.  We will be writing educated blogs which others can benefit from, providing proof that we know what we are talking about.

Lotus Terminals is a team of amazing people who know the industry and are passionate about providing a quality service.  Blogs are a way for us to provide proof of this statement once published on our website.  Every individual on our team has their own strengths, when we combine these individual strengths, we make an extremely strong team.  I want to share the strength of my team using these blogs.

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