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Sometimes you just can’t get the freight into an enclosed 53’ trailer. The freight might be too big, or the shipper/receiver may not have the means of unloading a dry van. This is where we would use one of our various flat deck trailers.

As the name suggests, this is a FLAT DECK with wheels. This allows the freight to be worked from all sides of the unit without the constraints of walls. If the freight is not safe to be moved without covering, we would use tarps or curtains to protect the freight.

With the use of flat decks, we can move freight that is all different shapes, sizes, and weights. There are no walls on the trailers, so we can be a little wider or higher. The key to moving such freight is knowing the safe way to move it. Which equipment to use, which routes to travel, which permits to obtain. These are all factors that come into play when moving such freight. We have the expertise and the willingness to provide the answers.
Lotus Over Dimensional Flatdeck - Lotus Terminals
Flat Deck - Lotus Terminals

Being on the coast, a lot of goods are brought in through steamship line services.  Transloading becomes an economical method of running the final mile.  We offer transloading and cross docking services, for further information on these services, CLICK HERE.

If your freight does fit into a 53’ contained unit, than it’d be a far better option to either go with our dry van service, or you can move the freight by rail using our intermodal services.

Lotus Terminals can transport your intermodal containers throughout North America servicing all major ports, rail terminals and more – Road – Rail – Ocean – Gensets.

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