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Over-dimensional shipping is the solution when your cargo exceeds the dimensions of a standard 53’ enclosed trailer. This could be because the freight is too large, or the shipper/receiver lacks the means to handle a dry van. At Lotus Terminals, we have the answer to these challenges – our versatile flat deck trailers.

How Lotus Terminals Handles Your Over-Sized and Over-Dimensional Transportation Needs:

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Our flat decks are exactly what they sound like: a flat platform on wheels. This unique design allows us to handle cargo from all sides without the constraints of walls. And when your freight needs extra protection, we've got you covered with tarps or curtains.

What sets us apart is our ability to transport freight of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Since there are no walls on these trailers, we can accommodate oversized and over-dimensional cargo that may be wider or higher than usual. The real magic happens when you have experienced professionals who know the safe way to move this freight. We're experts in choosing the right equipment, planning the best routes, and securing the necessary permits. Your cargo's safety and efficiency are our top priorities, and we have both the knowledge and the determination to make it happen.

Living on the coast, we understand that many goods arrive via steamship services. Transloading is often the most cost-effective way to handle the final leg of the journey, and that’s where we come in. We proudly offer trans-loading and cross-docking services to meet your specific needs.

For more details on our transloading and cross-docking services, please click here. Let us simplify your over-dimensional shipping needs, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and securely.

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