Transload / Cross Dock


Transloading is the practice of transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another in order to save your business time and money. Transloading services are a critical link between ocean-to-road freight transfers of pallets or large cargo to destinations within BC or cross-border to the US. In Greater Vancouver, the transloading process usually involves transporting a 40-foot shipping container from the Port of Vancouver to a freight-handling facility where the cargo can be transferred to a domestic container or flatbed trailer to continue the journey by truck.

Our facility, located just outside Vancouver, has both indoor overhead cranes and outdoor transloading equipment. Our specialized team can handle anything from standard palletized freight to large pipes, machinery, equipment and unique materials. You can rest assured that at Lotus, we have the experience to safely and efficiently move your freight. Lotus can also ensure cost savings for your company by reducing storage and consolidating goods while quickly moving your freight to outbound trailers.

Along with providing transloading and cross docking services, we can also provide transportation services to and from our facilities.  We offer dry van services, flat deck services including over dimensional freight, and we have years of expertise in intermodal moves