Dry Van Trucking and Trailer


Moving freight with 53’ dry vans is the most popular way of transporting goods. Lotus Terminals’ service arsenal provides dray van transportation services throughout Canada, the United States, and to Mexico. We have the expertise and passion to move your goods within these three countries, or across international boundaries.


Our Full Truck Load services (FTL) is where we bring the 53’ dry van to your door, you load it up with your freight, lock the trailer up with your seal, and our experienced truck operators drive that trailer to your customer’s door where they break the seal and retrieve their goods.

The Less than Trailer Load (LTL) is a great option for when you may not have enough freight to load up a 53’ dry van. We will match your freight up with another customer’s that is going to the same destination and both of you can share the transportation costs.


Another option to going over the road with 53’ dry vans is to use an intermodal service to get the freight to its destination.  This is a more economical route, but a little bit slower.  For further details on our intermodal service, please check out our Intermodal Services.

If your freight cannot fit into a 53’ contained unit, or the shipper/receiver doesn’t have the facilities to unload one, we’d guide you to our flat deck services.  Find out more about our flat deck service HERE.

Lotus Terminals is the leading dry van freight shipping service in BC. FTL or LTL – we can provide service for any type of product shipped in Canada or cross border to the US.

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