Over-Dimensional and Heavy Cargo – Lotus Terminals can lift it!

Over-Dimensional and Heavy Cargo – Lotus Terminals can lift it!

Did you know that Lotus Terminals specializes in over-dimensional freight as a transfer facility for many carriers, freight forwarders, brokers as well as our own customers?

With our 99,000lb mobile in-house cranes complete with certified riggers, Lotus Terminals can take care of large transfers of ocean cargo to highway units. To back up our large cranes we have high-capacity forklifts, an array of other yard machinery to handle large pieces and a ten-acre yard to store oversize break bulk shipments. At Lotus Terminals, in addition to doing large import orders, we also block and brace oversized shipments being loaded to flat racks and open-top containers for export out of B.C. This includes moving your over-dimensional cargo to and from the ports.

Working with over-dimensional freight is always a challenge. Safety and thorough planning are always key to moving the cargo safely and efficiently. You will likely need permits, O/D signs flashing beacon lights and maybe even a pilot car or 2 depending on how long or wide your load is. You may also be restricted to nighttime travel or prevented from travelling on weekends or statutory holidays. Many states and provinces have their own rules so you can’t assume what is legal in one state or province is legal in another. Do you know where your next stop or pullout will be, so you don’t break the rules? If you haven’t planned and prepared for anything and everything, you’ll pay for it later.

As you can see, over-dimensional freight requires your ‘A’ game.

That’s where Lotus Terminals comes in! We have refined a point-to-point process for any over-dimensional or oversized cargo/freight so you can relax and be sure you and your freight have a stress-free journey free of delay and distraction. We’ll sweat the small stuff so you can take care of your customers.

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