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Oversize Load Trucking

Oversized Load Transport

Oversized / Over-Dimensional Freight BC

Oversized Load Trucking

Lotus Terminals has a fleet of specialized trucks, cranes and equipment to handle your oversize load freight and transport it by truck throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

Oversized freight is usually anything larger than 8.5 feet wide, 12 feet high or 53 feet long. For standard heavyweight freight transport, see our Overweight Freight Services.

Lotus Terminals has over 100 trucks and trailers that can efficiently move over-dimensional equipment and supplies such as open top containers, flat rack containers, steel tanks, tractors and farm equipment, lumber and steel, construction materials, and vehicles. We’ll have the right solution for even the most difficult-to-ship products.

Our dedicated and experienced team has the expertise to manage all permits, route planning, escorts and safety restrictions specific to the transportation of oversized freight trucking in the region. Lotus safety practices exceed industry standards in Canada and the US. Our Freight Logistics Team will plan every detail of the transport and ensure your shipment will arrive safely and on schedule.

Our trucking service extends from Oregon, the port of Tacoma and to all of British Columbia and Alberta. We currently service all ports of Vancouver, British Columbia and Washington State. Our dispatch is open from 7 am–5 pm Monday to Friday.

Oversized Freight Services in BC:

  • Quad Flatbeds
  • Flatbed
  • Stepdecks
  • Extendable Double Drop Trombone
  • Super Chassis
  • Tri-axle chassis
  • Drop Axle
  • Multi-axles