Surrey Warehouse


Specialized Freight Handling Experts

Warehousing + Distribution
In Surrey

For your short-term storage needs, Lotus Terminals maintains a warehouse in Surrey, BC. Our 5-bay crossdock is fully equipped with specialized equipment and enough storage space to meet all of your needs during the transloading process.

We continue to invest in the necessary warehouse equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to handle everything from a small shipment to complicated freight transfers in our customers’ supply chain. Learn more about our Transloading and Cross docking services.

Warehouse Location Serving Greater Vancouver

To reduce time and expense, our warehouse facility is centrally located between the Port of Vancouver and the US border in Washington State. We are also in close proximity to all major West Coast transportation routes, Vancouver International Airport and shipping points for import/export customers. We can pick up and forward your freight the same day.

Logistics Solutions

Lotus also offers international distribution services throughout Canada, the US, China and worldwide. We have an extensive network of distribution partners and an in-house Freight Logistics team at our headquarters in Surrey, BC that can manage any complex shipping logistic project.

Lotus Terminals – warehousing and distribution capabilities:

  • 5-bay cross docking operations
  • Short-term storage warehouse
  • Transloading
  • Logistics network
  • 24/7 warehouse security monitoring system

To learn more about our warehouse and distribution services, call 1.866.940.1866 or click below to get a rate.