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Cross Docking services at Lotus Terminals ensure proper management of your bottom line by reducing storage, consolidating goods and efficiently moving your freight to outbound trailers. We move your freight – quickly and efficiently.

Why is Cross Docking important in Greater Vancouver?

Crossdock services involve moving goods from a container or truck directly onto another truck for immediate shipping. Goods are not stored – they are briefly staged on the dock before loading. With no storage delays, this maximizes turnaround time between receipt and shipment, and creates great efficiency. It also reduces costs by removing the costs of long-term storage.

For businesses that depend upon efficient import of perishable goods such as food and beverage industry in BC, there are advantages of the cross docking method. The time between receipt and shipment is usually less than 24hours, so goods can reach the consumer sooner.

Our Surrey Crossdock Facility

Lotus Terminals’ cross docking facility, just south of Vancouver, BC, enables supply chain flexibility, speed and cost savings. Our crossdock operations provide a staging area where inbound freight from the Port of Vancouver are sorted and outbound shipments are ready to ship within hours. We are also in close proximity to all major West Coast transportation routes and shipping points for importers and rail customers.

We have our own fleet of over 100 trucks and trailers and a Freight Logistics team to organize your shipment. We can receive your products via ocean containers, intermodal containers and dry vans and immediately transfer them to a new mode of transport. Learn more about our Transloading Service.

Lotus Terminals are Crossdock experts:

  • New state-of-the-art facility in Surrey
  • Specialized freight handling equipment
  • 5-bay crossdock
  • Access to short-term storage space if needed – See our Warehouse Facilities
  • Freight Logistics experience

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