Freight Shipments and Logistics

Freight Shipping FAQ's

Q: Are you close to the US Border for cross-border shipments?

A: Yes, Lotus Terminals is located in Surrey, British Columbia, close to the border of Washington State and we ship freight and cargo throughout the Pacific Northwest (BC-Washington-Oregon) servicing all major ports, rail terminals and more.

Q: What are the Lotus Terminals Group certifications?

A: Our certifications include:

  • Partners in Protection (PIP)
  • SmartWay certified
  • Canada Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS)
  • Canada C-TPAT-US,
  • Free Secure Trade (FAST)-US
  • FAST NCAP-US (National Customs Automation Program)
  • Customs Self-Assessment (CSA)
  • Canada Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS)-US

Q: Are you able to haul hazardous materials?

A: We can haul certain classifications of hazardous materials. Please contact the Lotus Customer Support Team for specific details.

Q: Does Lotus use electronic logging devices for its drivers?

A: Yes, Lotus has implemented electronic logging across all of our fleet.

Q: What trucking service area does Lotus cover?

A: Our main lanes include the I-5 Corridor (Vancouver BC-Washington-Oregon) and we also service points throughout Canada and 48 states of the USA.