Lotus Terminals is normally open from 6:00 AM to 6:00PM 5 days per week. For loads dropped on weekends we have on site full time security. Transloading by appointment only call 1-604-585-1101.

forklifts-transloadingWe maintain a full fleet of equipment and attachments. Our largest machine is a 38,000 Lb Kalmar with 3 sets of forks and 2 booms. Our Linde can pick up 10,000 Lbs inside a standard container and is equipped with hyrdaulic drive for the most demanding pushing applications. For standard skids our 5,000 Lb Nissan makes short work out of dock-level loading and unloading any size truck.

transloadingWe have a great deal of experience loading and unloading all types of vans, flatdecks and containers. To facilitate the wide variety of freight we have specially designed forklift attachments. The boom featured in the image is one of such attachments and is designed to fit on to our Kalmar forklift and can pick up 5,000 Lbs at 32 feet.

coilsOur facility is primarily for the purpose of providing cross-dock service to both warehouses and shipping companies. Although we have about 10,000 SF of storage we currently do not offer warehousing. For warehousing contact our Logistics department for referrals.

Over Dimensional
overheight-loadWe have the ability to handle those complicated over dimensional loads. For the load featured here we picked up the container at Delta Port with a permitted double drop lowbed and pilot car. The container was removed fom the lowbed and grounded using both our Linde and Kalmar forklifts completing the lowbed portion of the load. We then unloaded the container and delivered the contents to the customer with a HIAB flat deck.