Freight Logistics

freight-logistics-vancouver-bcLotus Terminals freight brokerage department delivers the convenience of single point of contact for all types of freight moving within Canada and cross-border to and from the US.

For those projects that require any additional resources, we have those forces on hand. We maintain a wealthy resource of sub-contractors and line haul operators servicing every facet of the transportation industry traveling to every corner of the United States and Canada. We maintain a wide variety of strategic alliance partners who ship to every country in the world. If you have transportation problems we have the solutions. We provide the right service at the right price.

Special Projects
We tackle large scale projects that require multiple operations. We can move one load next door or an entire warehouse, including the building, to another country.

Information Systems
Flow of information is crucial to maintaining a secure line from the shipper to the receiver. Our Logenics information system provides un-paralleled control in dispatch, tracking, tracing and document management and is fully EDI compatible.