truck-fleetLotus Terminals is an asset based company and we have a fully serviced and certified fleet on the road. We take pride in our equipment, and have an in-house fully service heavy duty repair facility to keep our wheels rolling so mechanical issues can be minimized while we BRING IT!

Power Unit Fleet

Daycab Tractors – we have smaller daycab tractors that can get into the smaller locations within the city that doesn’t allow for bigger tractor units. The combination of a daycab tractor and an experienced driver is ideal for locations that are a tight fit.

Highway Tractors – for the longer routes that require layovers, we have a large fleet of highway tractors with sleepers that allow for the drivers to run their miles, and have their sleep for another day of safe driving.

Drop Axle Tractors – We have a fleet of drop axle tractors that are equipped with an extra axle to carry additional weight. The various Provinces and States do not all have the same weight limitations, and with this power unit we can move within the various laws.

Chassis Fleet

We have a large fleet of well maintained chassis. We can move containers that are 20’-53’, all our chassis are tridems and we have a number of super chassis as well to move those extra heavy containers.

triple-axle-chassisAll of our chassis are triple axel (tridem) and newer than 4 years old. We maintain them in pristine condition. Tires, brakes and lights are checked before every trip and attended to immediately on return to our yard. Clean and well maintained equipment provides for a very reliable delivery you can count on time and time again.

Each power unit is equiped with GPS providing real-time tracking and tracing.