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Full-Service Cargo Transportation and Freight Handling company located just outside Vancouver, BC.


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Get an inside look at Lotus Terminals trucking company with videos of our brand new freight handling facility in Surrey and learn more about our specialized trucking services in Greater Vancouver and throughout the US Pacific Northwest.

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Ocean to Road Transloading

Bob Meredith explains how we provide a crucial link between an ocean-road freight transfer of pallets or large freight. Lotus Terminals can efficiently move your cargo through our fully equipped Transloading facility in Surrey, BC and the experience to move your shipments throughout British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and beyond.

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Why Truck Safety is Important to Us

Introducing Lotus Terminals’ Safety Officer, Gord – One of our highly experienced team members working to ensure that all trucks and drivers are safe on the road every day. We’ve been a trucking company in Surrey for over 40 years and we care about safety!


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Specialized Freight Handling Facility

Watch the Lotus Terminals team loading dimensional products into an open-top container using our new indoor crane at our specialized freight handling service shop in Surrey, BC.

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Crossdock Warehouse in Surrey

Check out an early preview of our Crossdock, Transloading and Freight Warehouse building. Located in central surrey and close to US-Canada border for cross border shipping (Final construction was completed in the Fall of 2017.)

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Tour New Surrey Shipping Facility

Tour the entire Lotus Terminals 10-acre facility during its early construction in 2017. Lotus now has a large platform scale that can handle B-Trains, a truck and trailer repair shop with high output welders, a four bay cross-dock, and a 10,000 square foot indoor warehouse.

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